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Keyless door entry systems – card and fob

There is a growing trend for businesses investing in key card and fob based door entry systems.

These door entry systems replace the need for staff to carry traditional keys and can be programmed to allow:

  • Permanent access – for employees and long term contractors
  • Temporary access – for visitors and suppliers
  • Restricted access – for people prohibited from certain areas of the business, access can be restricted for them

Key fob / cardless systems allow a business to protect itself from the security risks associated with losing keys and the costs of replacing office door locks. Standard, traditional keys can be lost, however, they can also be cloned creating further security concerns for your business.

Furthermore, these systems help businesses to:

  • Manage staff attendance
  • Monitor lateness and unauthorised breaks
  • Provide crucial health and safety information

Furthermore, if areas of business premises contain sensitive IT equipment, personal records, servers or hazardous material such as chemical waste, you can protect and restrict access to these parts of the building.