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Video intercom and video door entry systems

For businesses considering their door entry solution options, video intercom systems provide an added layer of security for a company when granting access to a business.

The phrase ‘see who’s at the front door before letting them in is commonly used and this is a fantastic but simple way to look at video door entry systems.

In addition to being used for access, video intercom systems can be set up to record video. This can be useful if required in evidence for an internal or criminal investigation.

For example, if someone tries forcing access to the premises, when integrated with a security alarm, the system can start recording providing additional audio and visual evidence.

Additionally if a member of staff has forgotten their keycard and is abusive to the operator over the intercom, this again can be used as evidence.

This type of video entry system is perfectly suited for:

  • High-security sites
  • Office blocks where your reception isn’t on the ground floor
  • Businesses that aren’t staffed 24/7 where remote access is required by delivery drivers and more